Taking up the mission in scientific and technological innovation and actively working hard in deepening the reform

——The "Top Ten" of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology aroused enthusiastic responses from the scientific and technological workers in the whole province

Article source: Jiangsu Public Science and Technology Network

Published: January 13, 2021

Chen Jun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology: Create a warmer home for scientific and technological workers

"This conference was successfully held in the first week of the new year and at the beginning of the "14th Five-Year Plan", which is of great significance. It is a great event and a great encouragement for the 7 million scientific and technological workers in Jiangsu Province." Chen Jun said that this conference is of great significance to speed up the construction of Jiangsu's science and technology province.

Secretary Lou Qinjian put forward three hopes for the vast number of scientific and technological workers, inspiring them to forge ahead. In the future work of the Association for Science and Technology, we will take the new requirements and new standards of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government as one of the important criteria for evaluating the work of the Association for Science and Technology; At the new starting point and in the new journey, our new team will lead the associations of science and technology at all levels in the province to help Jiangsu 'strive to be an example, set an example, and be at the forefront'.

Chen Jun said that the 10th Committee of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology will take leading the organization of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology to serve scientific and technological workers with high quality as its own responsibility, and make the Association for Science and Technology truly a home for scientific and technological workers; take technology to empower the industry as its own responsibility , turn more scientific and technological investment into successful results; take serving scientific decision-making as its own responsibility, and be a good scientific and technological staff of governments at all levels; take scientific popularization as its own responsibility, truly bring scientific knowledge into thousands of households, and let the seeds of science take root in the minds of young people.

"The Association for Science and Technology has a long way to go. We must live up to the hope of the provincial party committee and the provincial government and make due contributions to the construction of a "strong, rich, beautiful and high" new Jiangsu." Chen Jun said.


Miao Changwen, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice Chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology: Integration and Innovation


"This is a 5-yearly event for scientific and technological workers in the province, which is of great significance. Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology is the home of scientific and technological workers. The convening of this event brings together scientific and technological workers from across the province to share the achievements of scientific and technological work in the past five years. Describe the development blueprint for the next five years." Miao Changwen, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and vice chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, sighed in an interview with reporters.

For many years, Miao Changwen has been engaged in natural science and applied scientific research. "Our scientific research mainly supports the construction of basic and major political projects such as the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the Sichuan-Tibet Railway in my country." Miao Changwen said that by extending the service life of core building materials, creating a green and low-carbon environment, and creating certain economic benefits. He said that Secretary Lou's report is inspiring, and the goals and guiding ideology of this meeting are very clear and guide the way for scientific and technological workers.


Regarding the original innovation mentioned in Secretary Lou's report, Miao Changwen believes that at this stage of development, we must pay attention to original innovation, as well as the intersection of other professional achievements and disciplines. In recent years, Miao Changwen's research team has won 6 second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award and 2 second prizes of National Invention Award, and has obtained more than 560 national invention patents.

Behind the dazzling achievements, Miao Changwen can be summarized into two points: Emphasis on original achievements, which we have but others do not; second, promote interdisciplinary integration and innovation to form a joint force.

"To be a scientist, you must first have the guts to do big things, the courage to be the first, and the domineering courage to take someone else's back." Miao Changwen believes that doing scientific research requires the joint efforts of a team, and it is difficult to do things alone. It's easy for a group of people to do one thing. In addition, you must have the courage to start project, carry out and finish project successfully. Don't pay too much attention to papers and awards. "Scientific research results must be landed on the ground of the motherland."


Gao Yudi, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, Chairman and General Manager of Suzhou QINGYUE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.:

Improve the ability of independent innovation, and shoulder the heavy responsibility of scientific and technological self-reliance


"The Fifth Plenary of the 19th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China will place innovation at the core of the overall modernization construction, and regard scientific and technological self-reliance and self-improvement as the strategic support for national development, which provides a fundamental basis for the development of the Association for Science and Technology.

As a front-line scientific and technological worker, I am very honored to be elected as a part-time vice-chairman of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology. In the future work, I will identify the stage and platform from the major mission of "striving to be an example, strive to be a demonstration, and be at the forefront", and I will be determined to pursue the journey of self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology. " said Gao Yudi.  


Secretary Lou Qinjian emphasized at the opening ceremony of the 10th Congress of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology that the majority of scientific and technological workers should take science and technology to empower the industry as their own responsibility, and take the "stuck neck" list as a list of scientific research. Launch more original achievements "from 0 to 1", and play a greater role in realizing the independent controllability, safety and efficiency of the industrial system. In this regard, Gao Yudi was deeply touched. He said that in today's era, innovation is the best manifestation of self-reliance and self-improvement. To be self-reliant, innovation must be made. Innovation points to the future and determines the future.


we have good environment for innovation, and there are more scientific and technological talents who are devoted to research. I believe that there will be more and more original achievements from 0 to 1 in Jiangsu and even the whole country. As front-line staff, our team has been working for 20 years. Achieved the transformation of organic light-emitting diode technology from 'science' to 'technology' and then to 'industrialization'. Gao Yudi said that in the future, he will learn from outstanding scientists in Jiangsu, take technology empowerment of the industry as his responsibility, keep upright and innovate, become self-reliant, and launch more scientific research resultsWhile participating in the front line of scientific and technological innovation, we must actively drive and promote the integration and innovation of the upper, middle and lower industrial chain, so that more high-tech will shine in the industry, contribute to the realization of the independent controllable, safe and efficient industrial system, and Attract more scientific and technological achievements to Jiangsu.


Chen Le, Secretary General of Jiangsu Environmental Science Society: Actively serve and activate the development vitality of the society

Connect with industry needs and serve member companies. After attending the 10th Congress of Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, Chen Le, Secretary-General of Jiangsu Environmental Science Society, participated in a review meeting non-stop. This review meeting is a work for the society to undertake the government's transfer function.

In recent years, Jiangsu Environmental Science Society has given full play to its advantages, innovating and practical, serving members, conducting academic exchanges, building a technology service platform for government, industry, academia and research, playing the role of a science and technology think tank, undertaking government functions, doing a good job in popular science propaganda and education activities, and establishing a solid foundation in the field of ecological and environmental science.

"Study and implement the spirit of the Tenth National Congress of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, for our society workers, is to implement the spirit into every work of the society." Chen Le said that the development of environmental protection technology and products is changing very fastBy serving enterprises to identify new products and technologies and formulate group standards, it can effectively enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and comprehensively improve the "soft power" of enterprises.


As the first professional secretary general of the Science Society, Chen Le has his own thoughts on serving the innovation and development vitality of enterprises. He told reporters: "The main body of innovation is the enterprise, and the Science Society is also an important platform for providing technological innovation services for the industry. Under the guidance of the Council, the Secretariat of the Science Society provides appraisal services for enterprises and helps companies apply for science and technology awards, such as this year's Science Society. The two recommended projects have won the second prize of the National Environmental Protection Science and Technology Award from the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection. The Science Society pays attention to the formulation of group standards. In 2018, it became the first pilot unit in the province to formulate and publish group standards. Published 10 group standards. In addition, we provide services for enterprises' scientific and technological talent training, talent recommendation, continuing education and professional title evaluation.

"System construction, top-level design", Chen Le believes that the work of the scientific society is a comprehensive work that requires scientific planning and step-by-step implementation. "It is necessary to make full use of the resources of the scientific society to build a good service platform, do a good job in the four services, fully activate the development and service capabilities of the scientific society, and make due contributions to the development of the association for science and technology and the construction of a "strong, rich, beautiful and high tech" new Jiangsu.


Liu Ling, Vice Chairman of Pizhou Association for Science and Technology: Strengthening the Talent Team to Serve the Grassroots in Science and Technology

"The grassroots science and technology associations are relatively weak in talent team building and popular science positions. In order to strengthen the talent team, we have established various technology volunteer service teams to carry out different services such as technology training, technical consultation, agricultural technology services, and medical services. ." Liu Ling, an advanced worker in the province's science and technology association system and vice chairman of the Pizhou Association for Science and Technology, told reporters that in recent years, the Pizhou Association for Science and Technology has innovated and carried out volunteer activities in science and technology, continuously improving the  scientific knowledge of the people in Pizhou, Outstanding achievements have been made in popular science propaganda, science and technology benefiting farmers, and youth science education.

"Agricultural technology services help agricultural production. Pizhou has always been the hometown of ginkgo, but after 2013, the benefits of ginkgo have gradually declined. To solve this problem, we joined forces with the Federation of Agricultural Technology Associations and other units to discuss the economic model under the ginkgo forest.

After promotion, the common people have more trust and recognition of the associations for science and technology and agricultural technology associations. According to Liu Ling, the Pizhou Association for Science and Technology invites agricultural technology experts to the popular science base to carry out "precise service", and guides large planters in seed selection, fertilization, pest control, and grafting, and supports the popular science and agriculture service station in the form of training, lectures, etc. The promotion and popularization of practical new technologies in rural areas and the development of various agricultural science and technology service activities have achieved good economic and social benefits. "However, there is still a shortage of professional and technical personnel at the grassroots level, and sometimes the connected talents do not match our needs. " Liu Ling said that the current technical talents are not very targeted, and it is hoped that the Provincial Association for Science and Technology can further provide professional talent support for the grassroots associations for science and technology.


"After listening to the speeches of Secretary Lou Qinjian and Secretary Huai Jinpeng, I deeply felt that as a member of the grass-roots science and technology association, I have a great responsibility, scientific and technological innovation and popular science propaganda have a long way to go, and there is much to be done in the work of the grass-roots science and technology association.

In the future, we will conscientiously study and implement the spirit of the conference, formulate an implementation plan based on the actual situation of Pizhou, thinking of improving the scientific knowledge of the city's 1.95 million people, forge a way to serve 120,000 technology workers, and work hard to explore the development path of the group. , to make new contributions and bravely be the vanguard for the construction of 'strong, rich, beautiful and high tech' new Jiangsu.. "Liu Ling said.

Li Anzhou of Suqian Science Popularization Service Center: Make the Wings of Science Popularization More Powerful

In recent years, the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, based on the popularization of science service platform, has extensively carried out activities such as science and technology festivals, popularization science propaganda weeks, science days, science lectures, and academician and expert tours, enriching the public’s spiritual and civilized life, improving citizens’ scientific knowledge, and truly connecting science and technology. It truly opens up the "last mile" of the popularization of science and technology, and provides "intelligence" guarantee for the practice of civilization in the new era.


According to Li Anzhou, an advanced worker in the province's science and technology association system and the Suqian Science Popularization Service Center, in recent years, the Suqian Science and Technology Association's science popularization work has been carried out steadily focusing "1 indicator", "2 keys" and "3 actions". "'1 indicator' refers to citizen science knowledge indicators; '2 keys' are to do two key tasks of science popularization informatization and youth science education; '3 actions' are to do a good job in science popularization week, Workers' Day and other brand popularization activities of the Association for Science and Technology." Li Anzhou told reporters.

In addition, the Suqian Association for Science and Technology has innovated the online science popularization service mechanism, using the main channel of Internet science popularization to enhance the enthusiasm and coverage of the masses.

In 2020, Suqian City has formed a series of popular science knowledge competition platforms, and the number of people participating in popular science publicity activities through various platforms has exceeded 1.2 million.

"As a front-line science worker, in the future, we must strengthen our confidence and determination in innovation-driven development, and do a good job of science popularization and benefit the people. We must not only continue to create good science popularization products, inspire people's wisdom, and improve citizens' knowledge; Learn more about scientific knowledge, master scientific methods, establish scientific ideas, and advocate scientific spirit, so that the public can enjoy the happy life brought by science.